Give the Gift of Health This Christmas

It’s getting cold outside, Christmas is almost here, and the New Year – along with the obligatory resolutions – isn’t far behind.  Shopping for loved ones, holiday eating (and penance), fighting the effects of the weather, cold and flu season, and self-improvement goals for 2014… there’s a lot to keep one’s mind occupied.

With time, as usual, at a premium, how about a suggestion for a little one-stop shopping?

You can give your loved ones, and yourself, some terrific Christmas gifts by shopping at USANA.

First suggestion – Winter weather takes its toll, sometimes painfully, on your skin.  I may walk out the door without my wallet, my phone, or my keys, but I never leave home without applying my Sense Night Renewal.  It’s a wonderful, paraben-free product with no added preservatives, which I credit with keeping my skin fresh, healthy and looking younger than it should!

Although the Night Renewal is my absolute favorite product for several reasons, I don’t want to slight some of the others.  In particular, the Daytime Protective Emulsion (SPF 15) is always useful, and many people I know who suffer from dry, cracked hands – especially during this time of year – find the Intensive Hand Therapy extremely helpful.

I love the holiday season!  The warmth and joy of parties and special times with friends and family, the decorations, the cards and good wishes from folks we don’t get to hear from as often as we’d like… and, of course, the FOOD!!!

Oh, the food…

For a lot of people, the Food Season begins at Thanksgiving – but for me, it starts about a month earlier.  In my immediate family, we have six birthdays between Halloween and November 9, so we try to have a big party for everyone and individual parties for the two granddaughters.  Then a big family dinner at Thanksgiving, then the traditional Christmas baking and candy making, then a Christmas brunch or dinner.  Needless to say, my New Year’s resolution is usually to lose some weight.

USANA has that covered, too.  USANA’s Reset kit is a healthy, effective way to lose weight.  The shakes (available in either soy or whey) and nutrition bars come in several flavors, and are low glycemic and made without gluten.  Both the shakes and bars can be purchased separately (they make great snacks!) or as part of the Reset program.  A word of caution, though:  carefully consider the stability of your relationship before purchasing ANY diet or weight loss products for loved ones.

And for USANA Associates and Preferred Customers, the 12-week RESET Challenge: DESTINATION TRANSFORMATION officially starts January 6.  Last year’s challenge had over 3000 participants who lost a cumulative total of over 17,500 pounds.  This event, which is open to Associates and Preferred Customers, offers some fantastic prizes for category winners and a Grand Prize trip to Sanoviv.

Finally – of course, this is also cold and flu season.  USANA also offers some terrific, pharmaceutical grade products to support immune health, including Vitamins C and D, in addition to the Essentials.

You can find any of these products, and many others, here


Wishing you all the good things that this season and 2014 can bring.


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