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But It’s a Good Kind of Tired

My kids – and my husband – sometimes express frustration with my inability to just sit and do nothing.  It’s true – I’m not happy unless I’m busy.  REALLY busy.  So busy that I haven’t had the time to update this website or do much at all with the social media that I’ve promised myself that I’d be more conscientious about keeping updated.  Sins of omission aside, though, the month of May has left me exhausted and as happy as a pig in the sunshine!


The first week was mostly dedicated to last-minute prep for the May 8th Doctors Are In Tour with our wonderful speaker, Dr. Troy Spurrill – chiropractor, author, expert on digestive health, patent holder, USANA Associate, and all-around great guy!


Dr. Spurrill Is In - Ral

Dr. Spurrill explaining the importance of nutrition,

digestive wellness and trust in your supplements


The event was to be held in Raleigh; I’m in Asheville, about 4 1/2 hours away, and wouldn’t get to town until a few hours before it started.  Even though I’ve had consistently positive experiences with Hyatt Place – Raleigh West and their fantastic Marketing Manager, Diane, and even though I have complete faith in the local Associates who always step up to help with these events, I still had some concerns about the setup and ensuring that things – during, before, and after – ran smoothly. I’m happy to say that it was a huge success with a larger than anticipated crowd.  USANA Associates Robin, Sandy, Kevin and Michael were instrumental in helping to make it work as planned!  A little down time, highlighted by a surprise treat:  my son-in-law, Drew, took us (Ray and me, my daughter and their 2 kids) out to an absolutely decadent Mother’s Day brunch at the Grove Park Inn.  Words can’t describe it – there was an entire room set up for desserts!  It was a wonderful afternoon, and I feel confident that Ray and I did our best to ensure that Drew got his money’s worth!


The following week was a blur:  a planning and training evening with some of my Charlotte team on Tuesday night.  Wednesday was devoted to prospecting and running a vendor booth at at an employee health fair.  Thursday morning, it was off to Ohio for Associate coaching and another USANA event Friday evening.  Happily for me, all I had to do was show up and talk for a few minutes; the event was organized by Beverly, a member of our Ohio team and manager of the Marigold Bed & Breakfast.  It was a fantastic event – a wine tasting, the Health & Freedom presentation, and a sumptuous buffet afterwards.  Needless to say, I’m excited about going back up in June!



We had a good turnout of Associates and guests for the event, and the combination of mixing the business presentation with a strong social component is something I plan to incorporate into my future H&Fs.



Marigold-B_B-Inn-exterior_front (1)


The venue was perfect: comfortable, beautiful, and the staff know how to make guests feel welcome – and the pro from the local wine shop who conducted the tasting was personable and really knows his wine! 



After returning home, I spent a couple days with the family, visited / babysat my youngest grandson, and tried to catch up on emails and phone calls.  Then more prospecting in the Triad, working with a potential new client, and making plans with Associates for additional upcoming events.  This week, I’ve been operating a vendor booth at a week-long event being held by the prospective client while working with my sons on the logistics necessary to support our proposal to her organization.  Nose to the grindstone, fingers crossed, and backside in gear:  the whole-body workout!


So yeah, I’m looking forward to a couple days’ down time.  I’m tired, but it’s a good kinds of tired.