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PINNED: USANA 2014 Steps To Success Tour Coming to North Carolina

NOR-CAROLINA-STS-Associate-Flyer-2014-Final-page-001UPDATED 10/16 -
We sent out confirmation emails yesterday to all whose names were on the list we received from Home Office.  If you preregistered but didn’t receive an email, please contact me ASAP! 
UPDATED 9/26 -
Details have been finalized for the Raleigh stop on the fifth annual Steps To Success tour on Friday & Saturday, October 17-18.  We’re really excited about our lineup of speakers and the information and coaching you’ll receive to help you jump start your business!  Please click here for full details.


Amid the excitement leading up to Convention, you may have also heard rumblings about a Steps To Success tour this fall. Well, it’s true – and one of the tour stops will be here in North Carolina!

Although some of the details are still pending, here’s what we know so far:

Date: Friday, 10/17 5-9PM and Saturday, 10/18 8AM – 5PM

Location: Four Points by Sheraton – RDU, 1200 Claren Circle, Morrisville, North Carolina 27560


Please log in to the USANA Associates’ page for additional information.  If you’re a USANA Associate but don’t have the password to access the page, please use the Contact Us form below.  Please type “Password” into the Subject line, then provide your USANA Associate ID in the Message field.


19 Cool Design Features Hidden On Stuff You Use Every Day

I have a few websites that I like to hit occasionally as a sort of mental sorbet, like Damn You Autocorrect or Awkward Family Photos – and there are some that I like to check in on occasionally just to learn something new, like mental_floss or


So there I was, taking a break from all the things I was supposed to be doing, when I stumbled across this interesting article on Cracked:  19 Cool Design Features Hidden On Stuff You Use Every Day |


I was already aware of a few of these Easter eggs, and only recently found out about the tab things on the ends of foil or plastic wrap boxes that help keep the entire roll from flying out when you use it – but I found several of the other items listed in this recent post both surprising and useful, like how to determine whether the upcoming exit on a highway goes off to the left or right, or that the ubiquitous Chinese food take-out containers fold out to form plates.


And just to reassure myself (once again) that I’m not the only quasi-intelligent human being on Earth who doesn’t know this stuff, I’ve shared it with a couple family members and now, with you.  Enjoy, and maybe learn something new!






Supplement Spotlight: Digestive Enzyme Keeps Things Comfortable – What’s Up, USANA?



You ate too much.


You changed your diet.


That ice cream didn’t agree with you.


Who thought that a greasy cheeseburger was a good idea?


There are all kinds of situations that can turn uncomfortable if your digestive system isn’t working as efficiently as you’d like it to. And nothing will ruin a business meeting, date, vacation day — you name it — like the common gut ache.


Fortunately, USANA has a solution to the occasional upset stomach: Digestive Enzyme. And it’s back in stock in the United States, as of today, with a new look and the same great benefits (other markets will roll out over the next several months).

Supplement Spotlight: Digestive Enzyme Keeps Things Comfortable – What’s Up, USANA?.


Don’t forget your vitamins!

Having trouble remembering to have everyone take their vitamins every day? Here are some tips from “What’s Up, USANA?” blogger Misty Dangel.